Enable Rochester

Connect with your community.

What Is Enable Rochester?

Enable Rochester is a website that expands conventional networking in the city of Rochester beyond your typical connection platforms. It is seemingly easy to get lost in the massive mega-platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook or even Slack channels.

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Why Use Enable Rochester?

Enable Rochester's unique selling point is that it is an interface that enables communication at ease with people in your immediate region of Rochester MN. Whether you're looking for your next co-founder or graphic designer in the Rochester area, Enable Rochester is here to help connect you with the cool people in your community.

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How To Use Enable Rochester?

In this video we explain what Enable Rochester is and how you can utilize its features. These features include how to edit your profile, user directory, search and how to contact users. If you are a local to Rochester MN and want to build a network of connections within your community!


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Solomon Antoine

Fullstack Developer & Creator of Enable Rochester

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AJ Montpetit

Designer & Visionary of Enable Rochester